In defense of a law firm's online refresh

Haldanes, a 45 year old Hong Kong law firm wanted an elevated online presence and a refreshed visual identity.


Led UXUI design

A revamped website, graphics and branding for a 40 year old law firm based in Hong Kong. Curated refreshed branding, marketing materials, website UXUI and designs for their new podcast.


Out with the old

Their old website felt dated and was difficult to update. The partners felt frustrated that it didn't communicate the firm's vibrant personality or their ethos. It was difficult to navigate and didn't work well on smaller devices.



After discussing the pain points, solutions, qualitative and quantitative metrics of success. I consolidated my research findings. Some of the insights I gathered, along with How Might We tackle them :

🤨 How Might We questions
  1. HMW better represent the services and identity of Haldanes online?
  2. HMW improve the user journey for visitors to reach out more easily?
  3. HMW showcase their rich history?
user personas

Let's get persona-l

I fleshed out 3 primary user personas based on the urgency of their needs.


Witness the appeal of cohesive branding

As we were on a shorter timeline, the design system was simple and the brand book lean. Care was taken to ensure the visuals met accessibility standards.

Competitor ANALYSIS

Research to colour my judgement

Looking at close competitors added insights into the contextual needs and constraints of the legal industry.



From the inspiration artboard above, I collated and came up with two visual directions, displayed as moodboards is a collection of visual materials and presented them, along with the rest of the in-depth research to the team of senior partners at Haldanes.

The final visual direction was Solid and impactful, derived from the two options below: Impactful & elevated and Energetic and fresh (L-R)


high returns

As a skeletal placement of information, the abstraction of colours and styles was deliberate to focus the conversation back on the content. I needed the stakeholders to focus on where information sat, and whether the proportion made sense.


Let's start a podcast!

With their refreshed visual identity, the team at Haldanes also put out a new podcast to offer legal insights from Hong Kong. The branding for the podcast was youthful, solid and minimal.


See you later,

Legal terminology is not one size fits all - from law practice areas to clients and sectors, for this project I had to conduct in-depth research.

This was my first stint in such a formal setting, where even business casuals were for only for Fridays! Presenting to senior partners was daunting but their enthusiasm and curiosity made the project a fulfilling experience.

Grateful to Justin, Mr. Midgley, John, Felix and Staffani for their inputs and interest throughout.