অস্মিতা • Ash


I'm a Product Designer in Hong Kong. As a Comp Sci major turned Designer, I enjoy creating products and experiences. Ash = 70% chai, 90% ENFP & 200% ash-bolutely awful puns!

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explaining what i do without saying ‘design'

I put myself in others' shoes to solve problems. Despite very different preferences, locations, industries, accessibility needs — my focus is on creating as little friction as possible.

Day to day I help organisations tackle internet-based products. I focus on how the output looks, sounds and feels during human interactions.

how did I become a designer?

I'm a designer by accident. In sophomore year I was convinced I was going to be a video game developer! After a series of websites, full-stack development, apps (and even a game development role! ) I ended up transitioning from engineering to design.

I feel lucky that both my jobs have required large amounts of problem solving and creativity. Currently, designing lets me dabble in the perfect blend of left and right brain happiness!

my first job

At uni I started tutoring on the side. My pupil's mum was apprehensive about how 'Type A' her daughter could get, but we hit it off! We'd bond over the Black Mirror, gel nails and college apps!

It almost sounds like a cheesy sitcom, but loooong story short, at the end of my first job – I was tutoring SIX adorable siblings, and we're all still in touch!

fun fact about me

During the pandemic, I might not have made sourdough bread or dalgona coffee but I started chasing waterfalls and sunsets!

*cue Super Mario bros tune*
I'm always sad to see the same city skyline stock photos of Hong Kong, when stunning beaches are just 20 mins away!

In tech startup gal style, I drew up a full Trello board for it, and what started with a weekend outing – ended with me discovering, splish-splashing in and even climbing up 10 waterfalls! (and counting)